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In an ever changing real estate market John Monaghan Group of Lehigh Valley Realtors believes employing strong marketing techniques is essential to selling real estate. Good marketing may not sell your house – but it will bring prospects – and without prospects it is impossible to sell a house. The John Monaghan Group Lehigh Valley, Realtors has over 30 years experience as real estate professionals in the state of Pennsylvania and has developed a marketing plan which includes:


Lots of photographs of the inside, outside, front and any other views that compliment your home. Buyers are visual and many will not even consider looking at your home if they do not like the photographs or if you do not have photos listed. A good photograph will get buyers interested and entice them to book an appointment.


Your property will be featured on the John Monaghan Group Lehigh Valley website, and MLS Search for starters. Today’s buyers search for home listings on the Internet first before visiting the ones they are interested in purchasing.


Your Associate will place a sign or your property to let buyers know your house is for sale and that you have chosen a reputable real estate agency to show your home!

Online Advertising

Online advertising reaches most buyers. Our memberships in online listing distribution groups provides for your listing to be listed on over 50 internationally viewed home sale websites.

Public Viewing of the Regional MLS

Your home will be available to prospective home buyers via the public access to the regional multiple listing service (MLS) both on the Realtors website and the john Monaghan Group website.

Open House

Some homes are good candidates for an open house, especially those in high traffic areas. Ask your John Monaghan Group Associate about holding an open house.

Rapid Response

John Monaghan Group Associates pride themselves in being available to respond to both prospective buyers inquires and your inquires and questions. We are at your service.
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